Nimber for bringers

An iOS app for professional bringers

iOS App
Lead designer

Nimber is a community delivery service where you can ship anything with someone already going that way, anyway. Through the years, the p2p model is working mainly in the Norwegian market. Last year, there was a need to incorporate the b2b model. Our current iOS app is based on a p2p model, and the main feature for senders and bringers is the chat. Everything you do (create a task/make an offer, etc.) is based on a chat screen, which makes the overall experience more social and fun. The problem is that this solution isn't the most appropriate business tool for professional bringers. Based on interviews with more professional bringers (we call them "Super Bringers"), we discussed problems they are experiencing with our current tools (iOS and web app).

Interview process example
A  bringer organized his to-do deliveries list through Google Sheets and a tablet.

After five interviews with professional bringers, we validated our initial ideas. We decided to create a to-do list delivery app. The main sections will be these:

  • A deliveries to do-list (Today, Tomorrow, Next week.)
  • Flows after accepting an offer (Individual and bundled tasks) and delivery verifications (scanning confirmation, digital signature, etc.)
  • Discover/Search for new tasks
  • My Deliveries (Current, Pending, Completed)
  • Community - Filter and search for bringers, search for recipients info.
  • More - Ratings, Earnings, Billing Details, Notification Settings, Account Settings, Help

We also touched some points about what we will create next (after the mobile release) on other devices which usually our bringers use (smart watches/tablets)

Some wireframes created for Nimber app for bringers
Experimenting with other devices

After many feedback rounds and discussions, we started designing our app. We followed the latest iOS human interface guidelines and customized some specific extra elements to make bringers' experience even better. We are going to test our first version with selected bringers as well as some delivery companies and make thoughtful changes, but the primary flows are successfully created. The next steps will be design improvements, night mode if user feedback drives us to it as well as work more on incorporating these ideas on other devices (smartwatches, tablets, etc.).

user personas
Preview screens submitted to the App Store
user personas
Some screens created for the Nimber app
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