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The background story

Sportdog is a Greek news/sports portal. On 2017, they wanted to make a rebranding. And with the rebranding came the need for redesigning their responsive sports news portal as well.

Sportdog mobile version
Challenges and ideas

Let's be honest: I had no idea about sports news, sports fans, betting, etc. In order to understand this type of users, I made some research about them: What they usually read (Greek and international sport news competitors like gazzetta, sport24, sdna, etc.). I also went to watch a live football match: Many people are really passionate about their favorite teams, and when they go there, they do not have any emotional limit. Through all these research activities I got meaningful insights on the way different kinds of users. All this was an inspiration to make Sportdog a dynamic portal with bold typography for any sort of news (sports, betting, gossips, etc.) by also taking care on legibility and readability for our users on every device (mobile, tablet, desktop).

Modular design solution
100% Digital news

Sportdog is 100% digital. No paper needed to spend, and everything fits in any device digitally. With our new design we successfully achieved the following results:

  • + 33,45% total visits (7.65M)
  • + 15% average visit duration (00:05:13min)
  • 39,09% bounce rate

Source: SimilarWeb (January 2019)

Start Page Animation Flow
A new way of reading news
Design details

Different reading topics mean different layouts. The primary challenge for Sportdog was how to combine so much mixed content without losing legibility and consistency through the site. Advertisements, sports topics, world news as well as gossip sections needed to fit in a Sportdog website. The solution was produced with modular design thinking. We created different sections, added tags for each one so editors can easily make changes on content without damaging the layout.

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