Responsive website redesign

Carrier (Toshiba)
Senior Designer
The background story

Carrier is a brand about air conditioning/refrigerators for individuals and businesses. In collaboration with Toshiba Greece, their request was to redesign a responsive website following its international brand guidelines but also communicate their innovative products.

Carrier products list page example
Carrier products list page example
Challenges and requests

In a small amount of time and budget, three designers, a front-end developer, and a back-end developer strived to make this project a reality. Based on previous Carrier's website, we collected all information architecture and improved it on our redesign. We continuously meet and discuss with the client about the next steps. They wanted the new website to be responsive on all devices as well as being easy to navigate and explore all products. The challenge here was that we needed to design a system that can fit 425 different product photos (with different sizes and overall styling) and have an appealing look and feel.

Carrier product page example
Carrier product page example
Design proposal

For the main sections (i.e. Homepage, Product page, etc.) I created some images-illustrations that will help communicate some product features (Ionizer, Eco, Sleep Mode, Self Cleaning). The overall look and feel we wanted to have was a clean and fresh look in combination with the brand guidelines which had a more severe/business aesthetic. Photos and an anthropocentric approach/aesthetic play an important role as well.

Carrier website pages examples
Carrier website pages examples
Carrier website UI details
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